The SBeaVeR editor is an Eclipse based plugin that allows business modellers and analysts to create fact-oriented business models and rules based on OMG's SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules) standard. It is part of the Digital Business Ecosystem project.


SBeaVeR source code is available now. [13/10/2006]
The first version souce code of SBeaVeR is avalible now.

SBeaVeR website in now available. [31/07/2006]
Is ready the first version of SBeaVeR reference website. It's work in progress, but you can find news, supports and instructions.

SBeaVeR 0.1 alpha in now available. [29/05/2006]
Is ready the 0.1 alpha version. Download it and write us for every comments and advises.